You have a passion. You decided on a name. You’re in business! 
(you may have even created your website and booked a few clients -- high five!)

While it all feels fun and exciting now, you wonder when it will wear off.
When do I start making the big, scary decisions?
Will I eventually lose sleep, worrying about money?
How do I know what advice to trust and what to kick to the curb?

We are proud to introduce…
for the Midwestern creative in her first two years in business

This is a foundation-building program with creative entrepreneurs in mind. 
You have all the skills and tools to share your talent with the world. 
We’re going to help you reinforce those strengths with practical business education, focusing on finances, branding and client experience, and content marketing.

Our goal is to point your business down a path of sustainable success. 

you want to set a strong foundation, but don’t know where to start

I absolutely adored taking the Establish Workshop! Having resources that you can refer to for a new business is so very important and helpful when you are just getting started. I especially appreciated Colleen’s portion on finances. I can tell you that after a couple years with my first business and messy financials, having the basics described and set out for me for my second business has made my launch and first few months run so much smoother. Colleen gave us a basic plan to setup our business finances that was beyond helpful, as well as suggesting multiple other tools, books and resources to help us along the way. Since she has a finance background, she knows the ins and outs of what needs to be done which is super helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire workshop and would suggest it to any fledgling business owners that I know. 

Webinar in the making...

Let me open up my calendar...

Let’s see if we’ve got this right. 
You’re a go-getter business owner who knows her creative gift like the back of her overworked hands.
You’re in your first few years of business, but you may be doing this as a side hustle, dreaming of the day when you can leave your dull and unrewarding desk job. 
You are ready to dive in and make some significant money.

How do I know if this is right for me?

If that sounds like you, you’ll also be happy to hear you will receive professional headshots absolutely free with attendence (a $175 value)!

Yes, you totally read that correctly.

You’re going to walk away from the Establish workshop with concrete knowledge and action items related to branding, client experience, content marketing, and business finances… plus, headshots for your website and social media platforms!

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